Amateur Translation: My Experience (And Some Tips)

In several ways, language is the backbone of civilization, not only because it allows us to organize our thoughts and share them with the world but because by doing so we took one of our first steps towards our shared humanity. Language, as a way of communication, is present in everything. However, there has always been a setback towards a “universal humanity” which goes beyond the thought lines: language disparity. Whether it be variations within a same language or a more obvious discordance between tounges, getting over that barrier is a phenomenon as old as humanity and oral expression itself. Translation is a noble activity; it has made possible a huge part of the Modern World. Everything, from Universal Literature to the sweet global commerce, gets benefits from translation. As it was at the beginning, the Digital Age let everyone who knows a little bit of another language to take part of this millenary tradition (which has its own detractors, but that’s a topic for another post). Today I want to share some of my experience in amateur translation.

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Tonal Samples in DefleMask

Samples in the YM 2151 Module of DefleMask are a great tool for when you want to add more elements to your music. Whether it be power chords, strings, piano notes, drums, etc. – you can take advantage of this feature to give more meat and personality to your music. However, if you are like me, maybe you never completely understood how to use the feature that allows you to manipulate the pitch of the sample. Today, I’ll give you a hint on how to use it. Let’s take a look at it!

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Samples tonales en DefleMask

El uso de cinco canales para muestras de audio en el módulo del YM 2151 de DefleMask es una gran herramienta para añadir elementos extra a tu música. Ya sean power chords, cuerdas, notas de piano, percusiones, etc.; puedes aprovechar esta característica para darle más cuerpo y personalidad a tus canciones. Sin embargo, si eres como yo, tal vez no hayas terminado de comprender cómo es que esta función también te permite cambiar el tono de una muestra. Hoy quiero darles una pequeña ayuda para que la puedan utilizar con más confianza. ¡Vamos a ello!

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