A Square Meal: ‘The Lost Backups’ by Beek

It feels so good to be back!  From time to time, the Internet can be a strange place, becoming even more strange when you pay close attention to its goings-on. Fortunately, music is an oasis that keeps us sane and helps us find a juncture to make sense of all the gibberish we find out here. Today, I want to share a little escape from all of the things that might be happening around you right now. Last month, Beek released a sweet new batch of tunes filled with funky rhythms, jazzy leads, expressive arpeggios, and notable melodic quality. The result is an enchanting mixture of styles with a nostalgic hint that will make your heart skip and will surely put a smile on your face. So let’s take a look at ‘The Lost Backups’ by Beek!

As if it were all part of a frisky preparation, ‘Charging UP!’ welcomes us with a small wink and a sparkling aura that could light up an entire room. The energetic drum kicks add a little touch of glitch-hop, which is heavily accentuated when it fuses with the track’s jazzy elements and sweeping leads. The temperate happy feeling hits home when the drop comes in, bursting in a joyful moment without distracting from the euphoric sensation it ushers in. The colorful harmony supported by the bass and the counter melodies emphasizing the main motif display everything in a perfect and absorbing synchrony that makes it clear that you are living in the right moment, the present. All of this, in a one-time exposition, instills within the listener a desire to put the song on repeat (a little ironic, isn’t it?).

Sometimes it’s hard to put some concepts into words. Whether it’s because we can’t find the proper timing or phrasing to say certain things, the truth is that, for the heart, silence is not an option. Usually, directly or indirectly, humans find relief through catharsis. ‘Decisions’ feels like the acceptance and thoughtful assimilation of an important event. The moderate tempo of the track exudes a relaxed aura that makes it easy to listen, while the simultaneous use of arpeggios at two different speeds displays a deeper dimension that pushes the melody through the different changes, resulting in a rest leading into slow-attack pads. That transition between parts in the background is a key point for my whole perception of the song, as I see it as the precise point where change is inevitable, but the rest of the instrumentation does not cease to make way for this subtle change. The complexity of this piece is just beautiful.

Versatility is a pure, quintessential ingredient for artists, and has also driven a fair number of them to madness. With ‘Istiklal St.’, Beek makes clear that experience and dedication are a huge part in the quest for the aforementioned element. Every resolution and chord hit exudes expertise and clarity, never lacking in direction and leading the listener so they don’t lose focus. These elements also enhance the contrast between this song and the rest of the album – of course, all in a measured way. The whole composition of this track is honestly mesmerizing. The chill tone and smooth groove, alongside the powerful lead, set up a pleasant mood culminating in an ecstatic climax when all the elements interact with the FM bells in a hypnotic counterpoint. While some might find this to be something of a cliché in chipmusic, I consider it to be the perfect expression of a vivid memory that will live and transcend ages and mediums of expression.

Assuredly, this is my favorite track from the album. The piece constantly develops while maintaining a solid melodic structure, with its rhythm forming a solid backbone and acting as the guiding light of the ‘Chinches! No Bueno.’. This allows Beek to build on and generate a rich variety of textures with a strong and delightful touch of VGM. A notable feature is the sound design. The masterful use of square waves, classic drum samples, and a fairly unique sax patch make ‘Chinches! No Bueno.’ a playful jam with bouncy, memorable character. One final note on this piece that I’d like to touch on is how the different sounds interact with each other. Every sound has a purpose beyond the harmony and the rhythm; it’s precisely the role each part plays which thickens the cohesiveness of the concoction. This song is alive, and I can feel its heart pulse.

From start to finish, ‘The Lost Backups’ will take the listener on an unforgettable adventure through different stages in the composing life of Beek. Even though this was my first time listening to Beek’s music, I can confidently say that this compilation of music is by far one of the best of 2020. It gathers quite a large range of moods under an easily distinguishable, signature sound, and at the same time it lets us glimpse the creative development of the author, including us in their creative process. This album is a genuinely fantastic work, so please, if you can afford it, support Beek*!

Thank you for reading! See you next time!

*For the time being, Beek is donating all the Bandcamp proceeds to National Bailout in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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