A Square Meal: The SOUNDSHOCK Series

Originally Posted on the ChipWIN Blog on November 12th, 2019.
Edited by Wayne Manselle.

Beyond all the glamour and pageantry of the blips & blops, a misunderstood way of making chip music has grown and bloomed away from the spotlight of the scene – yes I’m talking about FM Synthesis. Of course, this is not a complaint, as we say in Spanish: “para gustos los colores”. The point is that, most of the time, a lot of cool things happen under the surface, things that are worth talking about and, from time to time, seem to be buried in the huge mass of crunchy sounds. The album series I’m covering today is not that. I can even say that it’s well known by everyone nowadays, precisely because the intention was –and still is– to direct your attention to the music and techniques used by those incredible musicians. Today I want to go back to one of the greatest compilation series centered on the FM side of the Micro Music, Demoscene, and Chiptune. Apt for newcomers and veterans, it will make you move and ignite the fires of love and interest in this particular approach to chip musicin your soul – hoping the inferno grows so big that it encourages you to search for new music or even make your own. So let’s take a look over the ‘SOUNDSHOCK’ Series by Ubiktune.

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Tres álbumes para iniciarse en el chiptune

Si bien es cierto que el chiptune puede ser considerado más una herramienta que un género musical por sí mismo, en ocasiones, la línea que separa dicho instrumento de su pasado en las consolas de juego parece imborrable; casi un estigma. No me malentiendan, es preciso saber de donde vienes para saber a donde vas; pero, con frecuencia, esto hace que se nos encasille en un cliché muy fácil y rápidamente. Por supuesto, un divorcio absoluto tampoco parece ser una respuesta adecuada. Por suerte, en este vasto mundo hay un poco de todo para todos. Es por eso que hoy quisiera compartir tres álbumes que podrían ayudarte a tener una visión más amplia del espectro que puedes encontrar en este emocionante medio. ¡Vamos a ello!

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