Chiptune, Blogs, and More!

Welcome! As the subtitle says, in this site you will be able to find articles about music, software, and some other accesories to chipmusic. ¡También en español!

What I Do

I write chip music using Musescore and DefleMask, sometimes I also use LSDj.

I write review articles about albums I like. I am an amateur, but I enjoy writing every word.

I translate educational content regarding chipmusic from English to Spanish. This has been my main focus over the last two years.

A New Start… I guess

After a short while in silence, I decided to keep going. It was not easy to take this step and I know it will take some work, but I trust it will be fun!

*The image in the left was made for the Music Weeklies’ Sinegularity. Original idea and design of Zikly by Clément Panchout.

Some Recomendations