A Square Meal: ‘Licensed & Bonded’ by Harley Likes Music

From time to time, it’s worthy to sit down and appreciate things from a different perspective. The rich contrast that comes from a wider range of experiences satisfies the curious spirits and helps to develop a solid criterion – a rational one. Of course, music is no exception to that. As there is something for every taste is inevitable to fall down the pit of the faulty generalization when something is not of our particular interest. That same fact leads us to miss valuable opportunities to expand the limits of our preferences. Today, I want to share with you a work by Harley Likes Music that will make you give a second opportunity to the rough side of the chipmusic (in case it’s not your cup of tea). The contagious rhythms and the high energy of this music are the perfect introduction to the realm of the crunchy sounds. So let’s take a look over ‘Licensed & Bonded’ by HarleyLikesMusic and released through Pterodactyl Squad.

Artwork by Mullet

Acid and raw, the start is the presage of the journey. The heavy accents and marked beat conflux in a seemingly static song at the time every bit from the pulse channels act as needle and thread to sew beat and melody, making a piece with full motion. The addition of extra percussions and white noise highlights the rests and puts in more interesting as it creates expectation and excitement. Listening to this piece of music is like being slowly consumed by the deepest part of your soul at the time the rest of you gets along with it: it could take the rest of your life to be done listening to this track.

The clear and marked rhythm emphasis that is sparkled all over this album is absorbing. ‘One Fell Swoop’ spectacularly demonstrates this. Making masterful use of the call and response principle, HarleyLikesMusic pulls in the listener’s attention until the last second. The constant motion and reiteration of musical ideas generate a powerful connection with the subconscious, driving the journey through different stages and emotions moving invariably to a euphoric resolution. If we add the freshness and catchiness of the drops and the proper sound choice for every part (including the vocal samples), we have one genuine and meaningful piece of music that, at the very least, will make you nod. It’s like if the track was an independent and conscious entity looking to take control over people’s bodies.

As specific and minimalistic as it is, the aesthetical conception of this track, as well as the whole album, is breath-taking. The massive explosion of sounds brings in a somewhat dark atmosphere that seems to grow unstoppably with a frenetic pace in all directions. That ecstatic sensation is enhanced when all the channels work together to push forward the piece and highlight the bass. How every part has its turn to appear and interact with the rest of the track is genius. The constant tension and release induced merely using that resource is noteworthy because, instead of a flat and opaque sensation, we can appreciate an ever-fresh and exciting cadence spiced with an interlocking groove – which is, indeed, a good choice.

Assuredly, technical skill is a crucial point to meet and steadily raise our quality standards; however, it’s just a medium to reach our goals. The perfect conjunction of technique and vision is what builds a consistent style. In ‘Licensed & Bonded’ HarleyLikesMusic shows to us how worked and polished his practice is – from sound design to programming, passing for music theory and structure, he makes clear how mature his music is. What you will find this album is nothing less than the perfect rave material with the incomparable signature of someone with passion and a deep understanding of his craft. It won’t leave indifferent a single soul, even the more skeptical and reluctant people from the audience will dance to these bangers. So please, if you can afford to, go and support HarleyLikesMusic!
See you next time!

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Pterodactyl Squad
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